Dear Vaikhanasas

I got very much ambitious to develop a website on Vaikhanasam during 1998. As I am a Scientist by profession, working on Cancer drug development, got busy with the work and neglected for few years. I moved to U.S.A during 2002 and after settling here, I have re-initiated the process of developing the website on Vaikhanasam. Fortunately Sri. Vedantam Ramesh (Jwala Babu), presently living in Austin, Texas, USA has safely secured the valuable domain name With his great help I have started my efforts in making this website. As you all know it is very difficult to gather information on Vaikhanasam, basically there are few reference books printed in Telugu or English. Most of the available literature is in Sanskrit. A five volume series on Vaikhanasam published by SVDSV Sabha, Tirumala, initiated by Late Sri. Deevi Vikhanasacharyulu is a wonderful reference in Telugu. I am very lucky to have my parents Sri. Deevi Raghava Deekshitulu and Mrs. Bhargavi in U.S.A, during March-October, 2007 to help me out in acquiring the required information and proof reading the telugu text. He has dedicated all of his time during his visit in providing valuable information on Vaikhanasa Agama and on Bhagavat Sastras. I am grateful to my brother Mr. Deevi Vasudeva Deekshitulu who has helped me with various inputsand suggestions and lastly to greet my wife Mrs. Sridevi for constant encouragement. 

jjjjjAlso I would like to extend my respectful regards to Sri. Deevi Srinivasa Deekshitulu, secretary, S.V.D.S.V. Sabha-Tirumala, Sri. Ganjam Prabhakaracharyulu, secretary, Vikhanasa Trust-Tirumala and Dr. Deevi Sarangapani Iyyengar, President, Vaikhanasa Mandali-Hyderabad and other elderly people for their constant suggestions and great help.

we all We will keep our spirits high and dedicate some time in up keeping this great website. I request all Vaikhanasas living in U.S.A and other countries to kindly extend their help by giving valuable suggestions and information in making this website an authenticated Vaikhanasa Agama resource, a reference, a manual and a tutorial.

With regards

-Dhanvanthri S. Deevi

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